Marx Realty

Marx Realty can trace its roots back to 1915, when the first building was purchased through Joseph E. Marx Co.  The parent company of Marx Realty, Merchants’ National Properties (MNP), was incorporated on December 3, 1928. That year, MNP acquired its first seventeen properties for $3,523,400. In 2006, MNP acquired Marx Realty which serves as our management, leasing and development subsidiary.

Together, MNP and Marx Realty are vertically integrated and involved in all phases of real estate management, development, and leasing. The company’s assets are comprised of 67 properties in 17 states across the continental United States. They include shopping centers, office buildings, and other commercial real estate, and we are always looking for opportunities to grow our portfolio.

Among our office holdings is 10 Grand Central at 155 East 44th Street in New York City, which is also the location of our principal executive office. Additionally, we have some of the most well located retail centers in the country including one of our largest assets, the Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers, New York.

Although much has changed since we acquired our first commercial building, one thing has not: We remain completely dedicated to continuing asset improvement and staying ahead of market conditions.