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Taking Action: Marx Realty’s Health & Wellness Plan

At Marx Realty our highest priority is to ensure the health, safety and convenience of our tenants, employees and the community at large. As tenants return to the workplace, we are committed to maintaining healthy work environments across our portfolio. Internally, the Marx Realty Team has created a Back to Work working group that has produced more vigorous cleaning protocols, alternate travel paths and informational resources. The Marx Team has also been actively working to integrate innovative technologies to ensure sustainable safe spaces, while continuing to collaborate with industry professionals, health organizations and our community of tenants to find long-lasting solutions.

What to expect when you come back

In order to keep you and our employees safe, our signature doormen and concierge will be wearing masks and gloves and will be keeping doors propped open. At select locations, we have implemented the latest feature to Marx Connect: an app that will allow tenants and visitors hands-free access to the building and their respective suites, among other amenities. The Marx Team is diligently working to roll out our Marx Connect app across our portfolio.

There will be disinfecting stations with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer in the lobby and other common areas. We had previously increased frequency of cleanings in high touch spots, such as elevators and elevators banks, and will continue to do so. At the elevator banks, tenants can expect to have staff direct traffic according to social distancing guidelines. We have also enabled access to the stairwells and encourage tenants to make use of these.

Packages and deliveries will be received by building staff members at the freight entrance that will disinfect and deliver throughout the building. As we all adjust to these new protocols, there will be proper signage to facilitate implementation and communication.

What to expect looking forward

The Marx Team is actively researching and implementing the use of new materials, procedures and technologies to keep everyone safe and healthy with the most amount of ease and convenience to tenants and guests.